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Reason #131 – PMS

PMS effect every woman differently. Mostly in a negative way. When it comes to me, I would say that PMS has the same effect on me as anger on Bruce Banner. I turn into a mini-hulk type figure stomping around yelling “ELENA SMASH!” (I would love to tell you I’m exaggerating but I have actually been known to do this when I’m really annoyed at something or someone.)

Mini hulk


So when I have PMS I would advise you stay away (but not too far or else I will start crying and accuse you of ignoring me) and tread lightly. And for your own safety, please for the love of God do NOT eat my chocolate or ice-cream!

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Reason #28 – Period Pain

If I complain of period pain I expect you to comfort me and bring me basic supplies such as chocolate, lemonade and a hot water bottle.

You should be like this;

If I am suffering from period pain there is a 99.9% chance I am also suffering from PMS so do not question any of the above or roll your eyes at me because it will end with you being injured.

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Reason #12 – Emergency Rations

Chocolate stimulates the release of endorphins in the brain which create feelings of pleasure. For this reason (and because it’s delicious) I keep a ration of emergency chocolate in the house.

If you need the endorphins, I suppose I would be willing to let you eat said chocolate as long as you promise to replace it ASAP.

God help you if I have PMS and my emergency chocolate is gone!

Hell have no fury like a woman without chocolate.

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