Reason #137 – I don’t learn

The routine is always exfoliate then shave and there is a reason for this, which is it freaking hurts to do it the other way.

I have sensitive skin so it’s especially painful for me.

Clearly, I know this, yet on Saturday I found myself shaving without exfoliating first. Now this in itself is not a problem. There is no rule saying you have to exfoliate before shaving, but you should NOT do it after and what do you think I did?

While a normal person would think, “oh I forgot to exfoliate first, never mind, I’ll just leave it for today.” Me, I think, “oh maybe I’ll just do it after, I’m sure it won’t be the same as last time.” And what do you think happened? Yep. Rash. I spent all of Saturday night and Sunday sulking with red, itchy legs.

Do not laugh or say I told you so or even dare bring this up when I do it again!

(Also do NOT type razor burn or shaving rash into Google images. Hopefully I will learn from this at least!)

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