Reason #29 – The shower situation [Part 1]

Because I am psychic (or maybe just because I’ve learnt from the past…) I know that at some point in a relationship the shower will cause a problem for several reasons.

The first is that I am very, very, VERY fussy about my hair/body and what I put on it.

I will buy expensive shampoo/conditioner/shower gel/soap, etc. these are NOT for your consumption. I buy them for my use and my use only! (I think this goes back to my sharing issues again.)

I will also have several different shampoos/conditioners/shower gels and soaps in rotation at one time. This is because depending on what I’m doing I need different products that do different things. If I take up all the shelf space there is a perfectly good floor you can put your shampoo on. And no, mine cannot go on the floor because it’s expensive and I don’t want water getting in the bottle (yes, I am this fussy and I will yell at you about this!)

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One thought on “Reason #29 – The shower situation [Part 1]

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