Reason #19 – It’s football!

I’m English but I now live in Australia. 

I say football and when I say football I am referring to what Australians (and Americans) call soccer (it’s that game where you actually use your feet.) 



I like to watch live football. I like to yell when watching live football (because if it’s live there’s a chance they might hear me…even if they’re on the other side of the world.) 

You may watch football with me but you may only speak about the game and if I yell “foul” or “penalty” you are expected to agree with me.

If we you need to speak to me about something other than football, it can wait until half time or the end of the game. (Unless you need to tell me the house is on fire and I need to get out, you can interrupt for that.)

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One thought on “Reason #19 – It’s football!

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